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A Patient’s Guide To Neuroradiology

Policies and Procedures

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Radiology Invasive Procedures Across Sites and by Division
EHC Policies and Procedures Search

Relevant Policies and Procedures
ACR Contrast Reaction Card

CT and MRI Protocols

Neuro MRI Protocols (07-09-2021)
Neuro MRI Protocols (06-01-2022)

Neuro MRI Protocol Guide (07-05-2020)
Neuro CT Protocols (10-5-2018)
MRI Priority Categories

Spine Procedures

Lumbar Puncture Vetting Form (02.11.2016)
Myelogram and Blood Patch Vetting Form (02.11.2016)
Emory Radiology Pre-Procedure Lab and Anticoagulation Guidelines (10.22.19)
Post-Myelogram or Post-LP Headache Instructions 06-22-2016)
Inpatient LP Vetting (11.06.2013)
Spine Biopsy Workflow
Lumbar Puncture Education Guide

Head and Neck Biopsy

Head and Neck Biopsy Vetting Form (01.28.2016)

fMRI Paradigms

fMRI Paradigm Selection
Task fMRI Guide
Rest fMRI Guide
ESys fMRI Task Reference Guide
Scene Recognition Task Guide
Noun Verb Task Guide
DTI Fellow Guide
Brain Mapping-Edinburgh Handedness Inventory


CTA Reformat Guide
CTA Aneurysm Measurement
CT ICH Volume Measurement
CT Perfusion AW Processing Guide (Emory)
Dynasuite 3.0 MR Perfusion Guide
Terarecon Basics
Terarecon Training Links

How to…

Moderate Sedation & Procedure Notes
RadNet Procedure Critique Tool
Radiology Note in PowerChart
Critical and Important Results Reporting

Radnet Protocolling
Teaching File Tool
RadNet Wet Read
Search Reports – Analytical Informatics (Intranet only)