Relevant Policies and Procedures

MRI Safety

Patient Screening and Safety Guidelines
Devices Safely Scanned with MRI
Metallic Foreign Bodies
Tattoos on Patients
Cardiac Implantable Electronic DevicesGuidelines
MRI Vendor Table Weight Limits
Patient Pregnancy
MRI with General Anesthesia
Claustrophobia and Sedation

MRI Contrast

Administration of Gadolinium Based Contrast Media
Gadolinium Dosage
Administering Gadolinium Based Contrast Agents to Pregnant Patients
Breast Feeding and Lactation After Gadolinium Contrast

CT Contrast

Contrast Media: Patient Screening and Considerations for IV Iodinated Contrast Administration
Point of Care Testing (POCT) for Creatinine by Protocol, Order
Contrast Media: Extravasation Prevention, Treatment and Documentation
Contrast Media: Iodinated or Gadolinium-based; Allergy Pretreatment for the Radiology Patient
Contrast Media: Treatment and Documentation of Intravenous Contrast Reactions
ACR Contrast Media Manual Table 5: Management of Acute Reactions in Adults
Contrast Media Injection Through a Central Port