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2018-2019 Fellow Call Schedule
2018-19 Fellow Rotation Schedule

Emory University School of Medicine

Fellows Conference:

2018-2019 Conference Schedule
Sample Case Conference Presentation
Sample M & M Presentation
Journal Club Guidelines

Fellowship Policies:

National Meeting/Travel Policy
Book Fund Policy
Cab For Fellow Fatigue
Counseling And Support Services
Vacation Policies
Duty Hours
Radiology Residency Grievance Policy
Guidelines for Promotion
NR Resident Recruitment & Appointment
Supervisory Lines of Responsibility
Residency Program Policy
Hand-Off Policy Precedure
Leave Policy
Guidelines to Grievance and Due Process
Guidelines for Dismissal


Residents & Fellow Rotation Guides:

Resident Rotation Guide
Fellow Rotations Guide
Grady Neuro CT & MR
Angio Guide

CT Protocols

Neuro CT Resident Protocoling Guide 2015
Neuro CT Protocols (1-26-2018)

EUHM Head & Neck Resident CT Protocol FAQs
EUH CT & EUHM Neuro Resident Protocol FAQs
Protocols 2017

MRI Protocols:

Neuro MRI Protocols (07-24-2017)
MRI Priority Categories
Egleston MRI Protocols

Frequently Used Numbers:

Frequently Used Phone Numbers (09.12.12)
Egleston Radiology Phone Numbers
CHOA Town Center Radiology Phone Numbers
Egleston Floor Phone Numbers
Grady Phone Numbers


New Innovations:

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Emory Box:

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ACGME Milestones:

ACGME Neuroradiology Fellowship Milestones:
Milestone Timeline – June 2015

Resident/Fellow Rotation Review Form

Neuro Goals and Objectives:

Grady CT Jr
Grady CT Sr
Grady MR

Recommended Readings:

Inpatient neuroradiology:

Rates of Occlusion in Stroke

Outpatient neuroradiology:

Lumbar Disc Nomenclature
MRI of Multiple Sclerosis
Diagnostic criteria for MS
Response assessment of high grade gliomas
Imaging Approaches to Dementia

ENT Rotation:

Imaging the Suprahyoid Neck
Imaging Thyroid Disease
Pitfalls in Staging Cervical Lymph Nodes
Imaging Anatomy of Deep Neck Spaces
Imaging Acute Invasive Fungal Sinusitis
Imaging ENT Emergencies
Imaging Laryngeal Cancer
Imaging the Temporal Bone
PET/CT vs CT/MR for neck nodes
Black Turbinate Sign of Mucormycosis

Consult Rotation:

Insight from Patients for Radiologist
Bad News
Direct Reporting of Results to Patients:
Structured Reporting

Additional Resources:

Head and Neck Study Guide
Entering Discharge Orders
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