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Neuroradiology Faculty Call Schedule

Directions and Maps

Directions to EUH Neuroradiology
Directions to EP12 Neuroradiology

Directions to EUHM Neuroradiology
Directions to CSI Neuroradiology
Directions to Clinic B- NSGY Reading Room

Important Phone Numbers

Frequently Used Phone Numbers
EUH Unit Numbers
EUHM Unit Numbers

Divisional Workflow

Neuroradiology Workflow at all Sites (v9-07-01-16.pdf)
Neuroradiology Faculty On-Call Workflow (03.27.17)
Neuroradiology Fellow On-Call Workflow (06-22-16)

Powerpoint Templates

Template for Lectures
Template for Case Conferences
Template for Scientific Presentations


Pediatric Neuroimaging – Online Access Instructions

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Outlook Express
Virtual Desktop (VDT)
Reset VDT/Citrix Session
Employee Directory

For Patients

Emory Healthcare
A Patient’s Guide To Neuroradiology

Policies and Procedures

(Intranet Only)

EHC Policies and Procedures Search
Relevant Policies and Procedures

CT and MRI Protocols

Neuro MRI Protocols (07-24-2017)
Neuro CT Protocols (1-26-2018)
MRI Priority Categories

Spine Procedures

Lumbar Puncture Vetting Form (02.11.2016)
Myelogram and Blood Patch Vetting Form (02.11.2016)
Anticoagulation App Spine Procedures (01.11.2016)
Post-Myelogram or Post-LP Headache Instructions 06-22-2016)
Inpatient LP Vetting (11.06.2013)
Spine Biopsy Workflow

Head and Neck Biopsy

Head and Neck Biopsy Vetting Form (01.28.2016)

fMRI Paradigms

fMRI Tutorial
ESys fMRI Task Reference Guide
Scene Recognition Task Guide
Noun Verb Task Guide
DTI Fellow Guide
Brain Mapping-Edinburgh Handedness Inventory



CTA Reformat Guide
CTA Aneurysm Measurement
CT ICH Volume Measurement
GE AW Server Perfusion 4D Setup Guide
CT Perfusion 4D User Guide
Dynasuite 3.0 MR Perfusion Guide
Terarecon Basics


How to…

Critical and Important Results Reporting
Radnet Protocolling
Teaching File Tool
Procedure Critique Tool Guide
RadNet Wet Read

Quality Improvement

QI A3 Coach Pratik Rachh / 404-712-0993

Rad_Project Tracking Database_A1_UserGuide
Rad_Project Tracking Database_A3_UserGuide

Egleston Clinical

Egleston Neuro CT Protocols
Egleston MRI Protocols
Fellow Duties – CHOA

CHOA Remotely Signing Reports
CHOA Remotely Addending Report
CHOA Perfusion Phillips IntelliSpace
CHOA Protocoling Faxed Orders Review

Directions and Maps

Directions to Egleston – Tunnel
Directions to Egleston – Surface

Egleston Phone Numbers

Egleston Radiology & Hospital Phone Numbers
Egleston Town Center

Egleston Other Links

CHOA Desktop
Egleston MRI Reading Room Directions
Egleston EPIC On Call Reading Worklist
Daily Huddle 2017


GRADY Desktop
Resident Reconciliation
Primordial Communicator
Primordial Grady Faculty Peer Review
Grady Order Entry in EPIC
Philips Intellispace
ISP 4.0 Brain Perfusion
ISP 4.0 Advance Vessel Analysis
Grady Phone Numbers